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Custom Photography


When you just can’t find what you want in stock...

Custom Photography...

You can contact us to do custom assignment shooting or file shooting for you.

• Jeff has the expertise and experience to work to your layout or concept to produce exceptional images.

• We have a fully equipped studio, with bay door and kitchen.

• We have a bank of “farmer models&lrquo; that we use and many contacts in the agricultural field.

• We can arrange locations, models, releases and props. We work with a number of talented freelancers including makeup artists, photoshop designers and food stylists to produce creative shots.

• With assignment photography or file shooting, your client owns the film for the purpose of advertising their product, (not for resale).

Call us for a custom quote: 519-641-6014 (Eastern Standard Time)

or email

File shooting...

Every growing season, Jeff shoots new shots for a few select clients to build up their own libraries. This can range from plot shooting, to planting, crop, harvest....whatever the client wishes. Usually, we work with the client to arrange to photograph their own product. Once contacts are arranged, we follow up with farmer contact and make shooting arrangements. Clients are welcome to be involved, especially if there are specific needs and sometimes a rep will go to farms with Jeff, but most often, once Jeff has a shot list, he completes it on his own over the growing season, staying in touch with the client, working around the weather and delivering the images at the end of the job.

Farmer testimonial shooting is another area we specialize in.

The most important benefit of file shooting for your clients is that they own the film for their personal use. They can use the images as often and wherever they wish in advertising their product.

The only challenge is that sometimes when file shooting, you may be at the mercy of the weather and a harvesting deadline. Jeff will always attempt to get the best shots possible, but occasionally, the weather conditions, time of day lighting and crop excellence will not provide for the exceptional shot that you may find in a stock file. Most typically, however, there are many excellent shots from file shooting assignments.

Call or email Jeff to arrange a quote for file shooting next season.

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