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How To Order


You may download watermarked shots for position and client approval only. Please destroy any unused files. When you are ready to order...

1. Register on-line

2. After selecting you image of choice click on the Buy button which will bring you to your personal information form, verify that all information is correct and fill-in the last field with this information: Indicate size, distribution, quantity and how the shot is being used.

3. When you click on the Verify button will receive notification the e-mail has been sent and that we would be contacting you within 24 hours, if the shot is required sooner please call or e-mail:

Phone: 519-641-6014 (Eastern Standard Time)

4. We will arrange pricing and payment at time of contact.

5. Your shot selection will be posted to either our ftp site or the ftp site of your choosing. Or the shot can be burned to CD and shipped. Additional charges will apply.

Thank you for choosing

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