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Creating Images with Impact... is a division of Carroll and Carroll Inc. Commercial Photography & AgStock, located in London, Ontario, Canada in a very fertile agricultural region of Southwestern Ontario.

Jeff Carroll is the photographer with Carroll and Carroll. Since 1972, he has worked in a variety of different areas, food, product, industrial, business portraiture, but always with a specialization in agriculture. He started as staff photographer with Agripress, at one time the largest agricultural agency in Canada, and later was a partner in Carroll and Miszczyk Inc. Since 1989 he has been partners in Carroll and Carroll Inc. with Louise and has worked for many of the agencies with agricultural accounts and agricultural companies directly, doing assignment, file shooting and renting agricultural stock shots.

Light reveals and transforms...

Jeff’s passion in photography lies in lighting or capturing the light that makes the shot memorable. He enjoys working with people in the agricultural community.

Passionate Eye...

Louise Carroll (Fine Art, U of Guelph) manages the stock library, does custom searches and deals with all aspects of the business, except shooting. She grew up on a dairy farm and has family members involved with dairy, beef and broiler operations. She is passionate about seeing agriculture portrayed in a good light.

Other stuff...

Jeff has been the official photographer at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, a freelancer for Deere & Co, Moline and worked at The Royal Winter Fair and International Plowing Match. His photography appears in numerous CAMA award winning entries, editorial, advertising, corporate brochures, trade show displays....when you look through major agricultural publications and brochures and tour the farm shows, you will see a number of examples of Carroll and Carroll rentals or assignment shooting...Clients include, but are not limited to Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Agrosciences, Ontario Farm Animal Council, Ontario Pork, Ontario Cattlemen’s, Dairy Farmers of Ontario, Cargill, Ontario Farmer Publications, BASF, DuPont, Gustafson, W.G. Thompson & Sons, Syngenta Seeds and Crop Protection, First Line Seeds and many more.

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